Win at Oz lotteries Soccer game

In the Oz lotteries The Pools, those who are interested in soccer can “easy” win “only” 830,000 Aussidollars, not so much money but still …..

• About the Game: The Pools is based on Australian and European soccer matches.

• You don’t need to know anything about Soccer though – it can be played just like a normal lottery game.

• However, if you are interested in football and follows the different teams involved it will increase your chances to win drastically.

• Each week, 38 matches are listed and numbered 1 to 38 inclusive. For a standard game you choose 6 numbers from the range of 1 to 38.

The 6 matches that accumulate to the highest total drawn scores are the winning numbers (e.g. Match A with a final score of 4-4 has a higher total score than Match B which finished 3-3).

• The 7th highest result is the supplementary number.

For a standard game, select 6 numbers from the range 1 to 38.

For the 6 matches that accumulate the highest total score the winning numbers are drawn (eg matches with a 4-4 final result has a higher total score than Match B which finished 3-3).

The 7th highest result is the supplementary number.

Now time for the fun!

Standard Games

A standard game refers to each standard line of numbers selected in a lottery.

Each game you play gives you a chance to win a prize.


By connecting you to a Syndicate, you can share one or more systems and winnings with other players.

Your chances of winning increase dramatically because together you can afford to guard many more numbers than if you are playing alone.

The odds of winning in certain games can be improved several thousand times with doubles.

But, promise me that you will not be crying blood when you have to share the profits equally with several players, because without them you may not have won at all.

Joining a syndicate is easy, you do that at the Ozlotteries website


With a system, you can play more numbers than for a standard Lotto Post.

This gives you a slip which includes any combination of the numbers you have chosen.

This type of slip allows players to increase their chances of winning dramatically by playing a wider variety of number combinations.

Super Combo

With a Super Combo, you can enter more number combinations than a standard game, but it does not cover all possible combinations of numbers in the same way as a system record.

What can I win?

Pools offers 5 ‘divisions’ or levels of prizes.


Divisons is a word often used when talking about Lotto winnings, instead of saying Levels or 5 correct and one supplementary, four right without a supplementary and so on.

Here’s what you need to match numbers in a game to win a prize:

Division 1: All six winning numbers

Division 2: All five winning numbers and the supplementary number

Division 3: All five winning numbers

Division 4: All four winning numbers

Division 5: All three winning numbers and the supplementary number

When can I play?

The results are announced on Monday after the last games are played, and the dividend is usually confirmed on Tuesday.

The last betting time varies depending on the football matches.

Entries close Saturday 01:00 PM (GMT) during the Australian matches, and entries close Saturday 06:00 PM(GMT) during the European matches. Länk till mer info

After each draw OzLotteries send an e-mail message to all those who have won a prize